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November 2018

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Stevie Bird

Smoothie Solutions has made amazing smoothies
since 2008

Our business was born from a passion for creating delicious and original fruit Smoothies and bringing our creations within the reach of all food-service retailers.

We established Smoothie Solutions in the Canary Islands and within just a few weeks, we discovered the residents of the Canary Islands loved our smoothies just as much as we did. 

In fact we sold so many of our smoothies it took us by surprise – and within 12 months we became the leading supplier of 100% natural IQF fruit Smoothies in the Canary Islands.

After a couple of years we decided to bring our products to a wider, international market and we established a fast and reliable delivery network.

Our smoothies are produced in state of the art European and UK facilities and every year, millions of smoothies are supplied to customers on 3 continents and in over 12 countries.

We have a team of extraordinarily talented people working behind the scenes dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting and fastest selling Smoothies on the planet.

It’s been an amazing journey so far – and we know it’s only just begun!

Development Team
Development Team
We established Smoothie Solutions in the Canary Islands, Spain and within just a few weeks, we discovered the island residents loved our smoothies just as much as we did. In fact we sold so many smoothies it took us by surprise! And within 12 months we became the leading supplier of IQF Smoothies in the Canary Islands. After a couple of years we decided to bring our products to a wider international market and we established a reliable and fast delivery network throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East
Seriously Professional
Seriously Professional
Smoothie Solutions products are produced in state of the art, European and UK production facilities and millions of smoothies are now delivered to thousands of customers in eighteen countries, every year.
It's only just begun
It's only just begun
We have a group of extraordinarily talented people working behind the scenes - dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting, fastest selling IQF Smoothies on the planet. It's been an amazing journey for us all so far for Smoothie Solutions - and we know it's only just begun.

Our people, our values

We believe in long term relationships

At Smoothie Solutions we understand the importance of building long lasting relationships with our customers, with our partners and with our Team.

Many of our customers have chosen Smoothie Solutions to be their supplier because of a great recommendation from an existing customer. We believe the best way for us to grow a successful company is to provide market leading products at great prices together with outstanding customer service and support.

Our heroic team works hard to make sure that our the experience of our customers when dealing with Smoothie Solutions, meets and exceeds their expectations. 

Our customers expect everything – that’s why they choose Smoothie Solutions.

Personal approach

We take the time to understand the individual needs of our customers and the people in our core team and in our extended team. We aim to provide solutions to individual situations and to respond to everyone in a way that is customised for that person.

People buy from people, and they do business with people they like.

We make great, market leading products that we sell for great prices. We have a highly trained team of friendly and personable folks working in our company. Our focus and commitment is to always provide outstanding customer service that is individually tailored to our customer’s requirements. 

The two most powerful words in any language are “Thank you.” And we understand the importance of personally showing our appreciation to our customers and to our partners, who are the financial foundation of our business – and to our team, whose energy and dedication enables Smoothie Solutions to be the number one supplier of IQF Smoothies in Europe.

Understanding the market

–  We understand the importance of supplying market leading, fast-selling, high quality smoothies with amazing flavours to our customers. That’s why we created our own unique recipes. Many of our 35 best selling smoothie recipes are available only from us. In addition to these 35 top smoothie recipes, we manufacture many private label smoothie products, produced to customer specifications for cafeteria chains and national food distributors. In fact, we can produce amazing smoothies made with any combination of fruits or vegetables that you can imagine.

Each of our smoothie products is made using the highest quality, Grade A ingredients comprising 100% natural fruits, berries and vegetables. In many cases we will purchase the entire seasons crop from our suppliers to make sure that we have access to the highest quality fruits all year round. 

–  We understand the importance of eye-catching and well designed publicity that enables our food-service retailers to effortlessly sell our smoothies to the final consumer. That’s why we designed our own world class Point of Sale materials including menus, posters and signs. Plus we offer loads of customised marketing support and advice – and it’s all 100% free.

–  We also understand how essential it is that our food-service retailers have access to fresh supplies of smoothies every single day of the week. That’s why we established our unique 7 day a week delivery service for our customers in the Canary Islands. We deliver all orders for the Canary Islands within 2 hours, or up to a maximum of 24 hours, from the minute we first receive the order from the customer. And if, for whatever reason, we do not deliver the order within a maximum of 24 hours – our customer receives the entire order for free. We are the only smoothie company to use it’s own fleet of refrigerated vehicles – all driven by our highly trained team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. For our international customers we guarantee the fastest order turnaround on the market.

–  Finally we like to make things happen. We have a passion for creating and we take the time to bring our best vision of the possibilities of any situation into reality. 

Smoothie Solutions – leading the market since 2008

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