We supply our award winning smoothies
to four types of customers

1) Cafeterias, Snack Bars & Restaurants

Smoothie Solutions supplies smoothies to thousands of independent or owner operated Coffee Shops, Cafes, Snack Bars. Kiosks and Restaurants. 

There is strong consumer demand for healthy, cold drinks and our smoothies are designed to meet this need.

The product is very easy to prepare, taking about 30 seconds and the retailer margins are higher than from a coffee or a beer.

Our customers have immediate access to our world class publicity materials and they receive 7 day a week support from our Customer Success Team – and it’s all totally free!

If you want to add our extraordinary smoothies to your cafe or snack bar menu – just let us know and we will be happy to explain how easy it is to do.

If you would like any more information or have any questions we invite you to get in touch with us.

One of our Customer Success Team will be delighted to help you.

100% Real fruit & vegetable smoothies

Freshly made in just 30 seconds

Award winning smoothie recipes

No added sugar or artificial ingredients

2) Hotels, Tourist Attractions, Theme Parks

Smoothie Solutions is a long term supplier to the Hotel and Hospitality sector.

Our smoothies are popular with consumers of all ages and nationalities.

Key decision makers in the hospitality sector understand the importance of meeting consumer demand for healthy, cold beverage options.

And what could be more refreshing than a 100% natural fruit or vegetable smoothie, freshly prepared at the time of the customers order?

Our smoothies represent a significant business opportunity for management to increase monthly margins and to generate extra revenue streams.

Satisfied hotel visitors create positive social media reviews and drive demand for increased hotel occupancy.

Our smoothies are often sold at multiple points of sale within a hotel or tourist attraction. For example pool-bars, chill out areas, kiddies zones, sports areas, spas and cocktail bars.

We work closely with our partners in the hotel trade and we are always delighted to explain how easy it is to increase customer satisfaction and monthly revenue streams by adding just one product to the beverage menu.

Our Customers Expect Everything -

That's why they choose Smoothie Solutions

3) National and international Coffee Shop, Patisserie and Juice Bar chains.

Smoothie Solutions supplies our 100% natural smoothies to some of the largest and most well known national and international food-service retailing chains. 

We have may years experience of the smoothie market and we work specifically with every client to make sure they have the best product for their retail outlets..

Our design department can create a new product identity to match our clients profile and we additionally can create custom recipes for special clients.

Our natural IQF smoothies are easy to integrate into cafeteria, patisserie and coffee-house retailing chain menus and sales to the consumer and profits, start from the first day.

Smoothie Solutions has never only manufactured and supplied the best IQF smoothies on the planet however.

We also go out of our way to help our customers sell the smoothies as well!

You could say we’re a little obsessed with success – and we would agree.

But it’s not just our own success that we are obsessed with – we  do everything we can to facilitate the success of our customers and our partners around the world.

Rapid deliveies,
7 days a week

Award winning

Competitive prices throughout Europe

Dedicated Account

4) HORECA and Food Service Distribution

Smoothie Solutions supplies many Food and Beverage distribution companies in more than 15 countries.

Our Distribution partners supply smoothies to the same categories of client as Smoothie Solutions own dedicated distribution business but they are responsible for distribution and sales in a specified area or country or  several countries.

The only difference between the customers of Smoothie Solutions and the customers of the Distributors we supply – is location.

We offer extremely competitive prices that allow great margins for the distributor and our product can easily become the most profitable and easiest to sell item in a distributors range of products.

If you would like to add our smoothies to your portfolio of products we can show you how easy it is do.

 We offer world class customer service and marketing support, a great product with great prices and we go out of our way to help you maximise sales.

We are specialists
in the manufacture
& distribution of
100% natural smoothies
throughout Europe.
If you want to
be a distributor
please call us.

Smoothie Solutions - where success is natural