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Cafés, Bars & Restaurants

Smoothie Solutions has been creating amazing smoothies since 2008.

We have built a reputation for manufacturing high quality, fast selling smoothie products and supplying them to cafés and food-service retailers at very competitive prices.

We manufacture our own IQF smoothies using state of the art technology combined with traditional expertise. Each year we produce millions of award winning smoothies.

Our customers have immediate access to our world class publicity materials and receive 7 day a week support from our team of Customer Service Representatives – and it’s all totally free!

If you want to add our extraordinary smoothies to your menu – just let us know and we will take care of it.

We’re always happy to chat – so feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

100% Real fruit & vegetable smoothies
Free menus, P.O.S. & marketing support
Award winning smoothie recipes
No added sugar or artificial ingredients

The Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Smoothie Solutions is a key supplier to the Hotel and hospitality industry. Decision makers understand the importance of meeting consumer demand for healthy, cold beverage options.

What could be more refreshing than a 100% natural fruit or vegetable smoothie, freshly prepared at the time of order?

Our smoothies represent a significant business opportunity for management to increase monthly margins and to generate extra revenue streams.

Satisfied hotel visitors create positive social media reviews and drive demand for increased hotel occupancy.

Our smoothies are often sold at multiple points of sale within one hotel. For example smoothies can be successfully sold in the  pool-bar, the chill out area, the kiddies zone, the sports area, the spa, at the breakfast buffet and in the cocktail bar.

We always work closely with our partners in the hotel trade and we would be delighted to explain how easy it is to increase customer satisfaction and monthly revenue streams.

Rapid delivery, 7 days a week
Free menus, P.O.S. & marketing support
Competitive prices throughout Europe
100% Customer satisfaction

Coffee Shops, Patisseries and food-service retailing chains

Smoothie Solutions manufacture smoothies for some of the largest and most well known national and international food-service retailing chains. Generally, for our corporate clients, we supply our White Label products packaged with the customers branding and made to our customers recipes and specifications.

Smoothie Solutions is part of a group that bought the first smoothies to the market more than 15 years ago. We understand the market inside out and we know which products sell and which products do not sell. We take the time to understand the individual needs of each of our customers and in the case of food-service retailing chains, we create the best recipes and products for that chain.

 We aim to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their requirements, instead of offering the same products to everyone. Our sales and marketing department can create a new new brand identity and our technical departments have the ability to easily create brand new recipes or concepts.

Our natural IQF smoothies are easy to integrate into cafeteria, patisserie and coffee-house retailing chain menus and sales to the consumer start from day one.

However, Smoothie Solutions has never just manufactured and supplied the best IQF smoothies on the planet. We go out of our way to help our customers sell our amazing smoothies as well! Our customers have immediate access to our heroic marketing team who provide on going product and marketing support and full staff training. You could say we’re a little obsessed with success – not just our own success – but the success of our customers too.

Rapid delivery, 7 days a week
Free menus, P.O.S. & marketing support
Competitive prices throughout Europe
100% Customer satisfaction

Frozen Food Distributors and Smoothie Operators

Smoothie Solutions also supply smoothies at wholesale distributor prices to many frozen food suppliers and distributors, to smoothie operators and to other food service professionals. With state of the art production facilities in Poland and the UK and offices in Switzerland and the UAE, we can supply rapidly and professionally anywhere in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Food and drink distributors can be sure our smoothies are priced to ensure great margins  and our product can easily become the most profitable and easiest to sell item in your range of products.

If you would like to add our smoothies to your portfolio of products we can show you how easy it is do.

We have 35 best selling smoothies to choose from or if you prefer we can supply the recipes which your existing customers are used to.

Our prices are the most competitive on the market, our service is the best and we are confident  we have the highest quality smoothies available, anywhere.

We are specialists in
the production and distribution
of 100% natural smoothies
throughout Europe

Don’t just take our word for it . . . .

Here is what our customers say about us

Our clients love these smoothies and they’re so easy to prepare. I think I am in love with Smoothie Solutions. The smoothies taste amazing and they are profitable for my coffee shop too. Smoothie Solutions is great company to do business with and I recommend them to anyone.

Tea & Coffee Pot, Canary Islands, Spain

These Smoothies are a fantastic product and we sell about 1000 every month. This results in an extra stream of income for our cafe and our customers love the product. Thank you Stevie and everyone at Smoothie Solutions. If you own a cafe or bar don’t hesitate get in touch with this supplier today.

Café DP, Canary Islands, Spain

I think these Smoothies are the best on the market, congratulations. I needed a smoothie product for my new restaurant and Smoothie Solutions impressed me the most with their knowledge and helpful staff. The smoothies taste great, my employees enjoy making them and our sales are very good. Thank you Smoothie Solutions.

International Restaurant, Spain

Smoothie Solutions has the best IQF smoothies around. We tried several other Smoothie suppliers but the products did not sell well. Since we switched to Smoothie Solutions our sales of smoothies have increased three fold. Our customers love the product and we are proud to be working with Smoothie Solutions. Thank you to all the team.

Plantaciones de Origen, Canary Islands, Spain

Thanks to Stevie and his team for helping me to start selling Smoothies in Ibiza. I’m glad I have found a Smoothie company I can trust.

Distributor, España

I sold over 200,000 IQF smoothies in my first 12 months as a Distributor of these amazing smoothies. Everything is going very well – actually much better than I planned.  I am now placing an order for another 20 pallets. It is great to be a part of the Smoothie Solutions family of distributors. We sell 300 different food and drink products but the smoothies represent more than 10% of our annual sales.

Distributor, Lanzarote, España

Hallo, I am from Germany. Where can I buy your smoothies in Germany? I and my family drank your smoothies every single day when we were on holiday in Gran Canaria and  we love them. Do you have a distributor in Germany? Please let me know.

Visitor to Gran Canaria

We sell about 300,000 smoothies every year in our group of coffee shops. We used to purchase our smoothies from another supplier in Belgium but I’m so glad we changed to Smoothie Solutions. The quality of the smoothies is better, the price is more competitive, the publicity is world class and the customer service is outstanding. I recommend Smoothie Solutions as a premium manufacturer and supplier of smoothies.

International chain of Coffee Shops.

Today I received my new Blendtec Blender from Smoothie Solutions and I am very pleased. I was impressed with the quick delivery and the great customer service – plus your price for the Blentec was unbeatable!

Restaurante España, Galicia, Spain

Our hotel has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. We started selling smoothies 6 years ago and this product has honestly been a great success. Our guests enjoy these healthy, ice-cold drinks and we receive a brilliant service from the friendly team at Smoothie Solutions. The product produces a significant source of income for our hotel business. Recommended.

P.T. Hotel, Canary Islands, Spain

We ordered 1800 Smoothies and a Vitamix blender from Smoothie Solutions for our new coffee Shop in Tenerife. Smoothie Solutions designed and produced our menus and the Smoothies are selling very well. We are really pleased with the product. Thanks to Stevie for all his help.

P.D.B. Coffee House, Tenerife, España

I’m on holidays in the Canary Islands at the minute and my kids, husband and myself have enjoyed your Smoothies every single day – Just to quote your own words they taste ‘Deliciously Amazing’ – What a fantastic idea! Can I sell them in the UK?

Visitor to the Canary Islands

In the first week we sold 125 Smoothies in our cafe. Thanks to everyone at Smoothie Solutions for your help and support. We are very satisfied.

Café O, Canary Islands, España

These smoothies are amazing. Our customers come back for more and the service from Smoothie Solutions has been fantastic. If you are looking for a fast selling, great tasting smoothie product – get in touch with Smoothie Solutions.

Café MB, Gran Canaria, España

We have sold smoothies for more than 2 years and are very pleased with the sales of this product. We sell the Smoothies in all four bars throughout our 5 star Hotel. Can we order another blender and another 500 smoothies please? Thank you for your help and for the personalised menus. We definitely recommend Smoothie Solutions.

Hotel H.L (five-star), Canary Islands, Spain

We have sold these Smoothies for the past 5 years. We are very pleased with the product and also with the service from Smoothie Solutions. Our orders are delivered within 24 hours 7 days a week! We used to sell another brand of Smoothies but changed because of poor service. We can recommend Smoothie Solutions without hesitation.

Bar M, Mogán, España

We changed to Smoothie Solutions 5 years ago and it is one of our best decisions. Our customers love this high quality product and their feedback is amazing. If you want the best Smoothie on the market look no further than Smoothie Solutions. This company is highly recommended.

Café M. Gran Canaria

Our customers love these smoothies and the smoothie cocktails too! This is a very high quality product and the service from the Smoothie Solutions is impeccable. We changed suppliers from another brand and we made the right decision. Thank you Stevie and everyone at Smoothie Solutions.

Café Meloneras, Gran Canaria

Our sales of smoothies have doubled since we changed suppliers to Smoothie Solutions and our customers love the smoothies! The service from the team at Smoothie Solutions is excellent. I highly recommend this product and also the company Smoothie Solutions.

Café – Arguineguin, Canary Islands, Spain

We started selling these smoothies some months ago – and we are delighted. These smoothies are the best quality and our customers think they are great. We didn’t know if the smoothies would sell in our terraced cafe – but from the start we have sold around 100 smoothies a week. Thanks Stevie and to the team at Smoothie Solutions.

Cafe S – Playa Inglés, Canary Islands, Spain

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