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Smoothie Solutions is a specialist manufacturer, distributor and supplier of premium, ready-mixed IQF smoothies and sachets.

We specialise in producing branded, unbranded or private-label IQF smoothies for food and beverage distributors and for foodservice retailing chains. If you require an IQF smoothie supplier who can provide the highest quality IQF smoothies – made to your recipes or to ours – we can help.

We are delighted to assist with new product development and we can advise on the best selling IQF smoothie recipes and the most popular products.

Our smoothies are produced in state of the art European and UK production facilities and we can pack any combination of fruit or vegetables that you require – and in any size sachet or pouch from 100 gm to 5 kg. Simply tell us what you want – and we’ll manufacture it, label it and deliver it.

We’ll brand each and every IQF smoothie with your own company information or whatever you require. Just tell us what you want on the product  – and we will take care of it.

Are you a distributor of frozen food products?

We are an IQF smoothie supplier who offers highly competitive wholesale distributor prices for food and beverage distributors and for foodservice professionals throughout Eastern and Western Europe.  If you are you thinking of adding a smoothie product to your existing range of products, we invite you to contact us and we’ll explain how easy it is to do – and how profitable it can be.

And for existing smoothie operators who already have IQF smoothies in their portfolio of products – we can supply your smoothies at prices that are better than your existing suppliers. We manufacture private label smoothies, made to any recipe that you wish, and with any brand name or company data on the sachets. The quality of our smoothies is guaranteed – we only use Grade A quality ingredients and we never use  lower grades of fruit or vegetables. We always purchase the highest quality fruit and vegetable and we always choose the products with the best taste.

In summary, we are an IQF smoothie supplier who offers the highest quality IQF smoothie products, very competitive pricing and a courteous and efficient service from our sales department. We will go out of our way to help you.

And should you decide to buy your smoothies from us – we provide a fast and reliable order turnaround and we offer lots of free advice about marketing smoothies. Discover the advantages of buying IQF smoothies from Smoothie Solutions the foodservice professionals. We are different from the other suppliers.

IQF smoothie supplier.
Award winning Smoothies made to our recipes, or yours.

Packed and labeled with our branding, or yours.
We’re different!

Do you sell already IQF smoothies?

Are you interested in improving your margins and working with an IQF smoothie supplier that will go that extra mile to help you succeed?
We can offer some of the most competitive prices in Europe due in part to our control of the crop selection, production process, delivery network – and our massive buying power.
Plus you have immediate access to our friendly and experienced customer service department who know the smoothie business inside out.
Our international clients are like family – if we can help you – we will.
Our customers expect everything. That’s why they choose Smoothie Solutions.
We are different from the other suppliers.

  • International IQF smoothie supplier.
  • Award winning smoothies made to our recipes or to your specifications.
  • Produced in our state of the art production facilities.
  • Your size of smoothie sachet from 100 gm to 150 gm.
  • IQF smoothie mixes also available in 1 kg bags packed 10 to a box.
  • Highest quality IQF fruit and vegetebale smoothie ingredients.
  • Your details printed on every smoothie sachet and on every box – in any language.
  • Fast, reliable and friendly order turnaround.
  • Door-to-door frozen delivery throughout the E.U., Middle East, Scandinavia.
  • Extremely competitive IQF smoothie prices.
  • Your own account manager and outstanding customer service.
  • Free advice about distribution, branding, marketing, pricing, maximizing sales volumes.
  • IQF smoothie manufacturer and distributor for food service professionals
We produce IQF Smoothie sachets containing any combination of IQF fruit, and in any size that you require.
Own and custom recipes
We manufacture White Label, Branded or Unbranded smoothie sachets. Tell us what you want - and we'll produce it.
White label or own brand
Smoothie Solutions provides outstanding customer service. We love and use the latest technology - but we never forget the customer is king.
Tell us what you want
Our logistics network guarantees reasonably priced and efficient bulk delivery throughout the EU, the UK and the Middle East.
Distribution throughout the EU
We don't just make amazing smoothies - we help you to sell them too. We offer loads of free advice and publicity.
World class POS and training
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