Smoothie Solutions for Trade Customers -
Cafeteria Chains and HORECA Distribution

Cafeteria, Patisserie and Juice Bar chains

We have been a supplier of white label products to some of the largest and most well known national and international cafeteria, patisserie and juice bars chains for many years.

Smoothie Solutions has gained significant experience with all aspects of natural smoothies, from the initial selection and purchase of the crops, through to  production and sales to the HORECA sector and the final consumer.

We can advise on best selling products, the latest trends and the best way to take advantage of increased consumer demand for healthy cold drinks.

Our smoothies are freshly made at the time the customer orders and the preparation time is 30 seconds – about the same time as to make a coffee.

All of our smoothies are unpasteurised and they retain all of the natural goodness and nutrition of the freshly picked fruit.

Simply take one of our smoothie sachets from the freezer, add the ingredients to a blender with some juice or yoghurt, mix and serve! 

We can produce any combination of fruit or vegetables in any size of product.

If you want a particular  recipe or ingredients – we can manufacture it.

Our products are incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing menus and they’re healthy for your customers and healthy for your business. 

HORECA and Food Service Distribution

Smoothie Solutions has partners around the world whose business is the distribution of food products to the HORECA or catering sector.

There is strong consumer demand for our products and our smoothies present a significant business opportunity for distributors as margins on our product are higher than the industry norm.

The key requirement is the ability deliver goods in refrigerated conditions of -20C.

We offer highly competitive wholesale prices throughout Eastern and Western Europe.  

If you are you thinking of adding a smoothie product to your existing range of products, we invite you to contact us and we’ll explain how easy it is to do – and how profitable it can be.

 The quality of our smoothies is guaranteed – we only use Grade A quality ingredients and we never use fruit pulps or lower grades of fruit or vegetables.

Should you decide to buy smoothies from us – we provide a fast and reliable order turnaround plus lots of free advice about marketing smoothies.

Discover the advantages of buying IQF smoothies from Smoothie Solutions. We are different from the other suppliers!

Smoothie Solutions - where success is natural

Are you an existing Smoothie Operator?

Smoothie Solutions has partners around the world who run their own smoothie distribution businesses.

Some of our distribution partners sell our branded smoothies and for others we supply a white label or locally branded product.

We have supplied premium quality IQF smoothie products for more than a decade and we have gained significant experience about the manufacture, distribution and sales of smoothies.

Additionally we run our own dedicated Smoothie distribution business and we know the market and the industry in great detail

In fact we are the only manufacturer of IQF smoothies that also runs a successful dedicated smoothie distribution business. 

We’ve grown from a two person business in 2008 supplying a few beach bars to an international company supplying customers on 3 continents. 

We love what we do and we are excited by smoothies and the experience of folks that drink our smoothies.

We are proud that we have played a part and continue to play a role in the opening up of this important sector worldwide.

We offer some of the most competitive prices in Europe due in part to our control of the crop selection, production process, delivery network – and our massive buying power.

Plus our customers have immediate access to our friendly and experienced Customer Success Team who know the smoothie business inside out.

Our international clients are like family – if we can help you – we will. 

Our customers expect everything. That’s why they choose Smoothie Solutions.

Smoothie Solutions - we are different!

Raspberry IQF Smoothie Sachet from Smoothie Solutions


  • Award winning recipes.
  • Highest quality IQF ingredients.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Fast and reliable order turnaround.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team.

Your brand or Ours

We produce IQF Smoothie sachets in any combination of fruits..

Your Recipes or Ours

White Label

We can produce smoothie sachets with your branding. Just let us know what you need.

Your Brand or Ours

Great Service

We love to provide great customer service and we never forget that the customer is king.

The Customer is King


We work with a network of logistics companies to provide deliveries of 10 - 20 pallets.

Distribution throughout the EU

Customer Success Team

We don't just make amazing smoothies we will help you to sell them too with free advice & publicity.

World class POS and training