• IQF fruits and vegetables in bulk in quantities from 400 gm to 20 tonnes
  • Highest quality Grade A products sourced from growers and partners around the world
  • Own network of packers and processors worldwide
  • Large stocks held in the UK and the EU.
  • Fruits and vegetable available as single ingredients or in combinations.
  • Minimum order of only one pallet.

Here are some of the popular items we sell:

  • IQF Acai Nuggets
  • IQF Apple Diced/Sliced
  • IQF Apricot Diced/Halves
  • IQF Avocado
  • IQF Banana Slices
  • IQF Blackberries
  • IQF Blackcurrant’s
  • IQF Blueberries Wild/Cultivated
  • IQF Cherry Sour/Dark Sweet
  • IQF Cranberries
  • IQF Damsons Puree/Whole
  • IQF Gooseberries
  • IQF Kiwi Dice/Slice
  • IQF Mandarin Segments
  • IQF Mango Diced
  • IQF Orange Segments
  • IQF Papaya Diced
  • IQF Passionfruit Nuggets
  • IQF Peach Diced/Sliced
  • IQF Pear Diced
  • IQF Pineapple Tidbits/Diced/Chunks
  • IQF Plum Diced/Halves
  • IQF Pomegranate
  • IQF Raspberries Whole/W&B/Crumb
  • IQF Strawberry Whole/Diced
  • IQF Redcurrants
  • IQF Rhubarb 1/2 Inch Cut
  • IQF Summerfruit Mix
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